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November 23, 2014


Thanks for considering giving to Chop in honor of Charlie! 


Dear Family and Friends,

As most of you know, we are all heading to Philly this weekend to watch me run in The 2014 Philadelphia Marathon. Two years ago today, I had never heard of CDH and did not know much about Chop/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.. I was newly pregnant with Baby # 5 and trying to wrap my head around the fact that a move to the burbs was indeed in my future---little did I know what was in store for all of us! That February we found out during our 20-week ultrasound that there was something wrong. After the diagnosis and meeting with the team at Chop, I started to refer to him/her as Lucky #5. Fast forward to Summer 2013 when Lucky #5, Charlie, arrived on the scene. Not only was he lucky but stronger and feistier than we could have ever imagined! Although the days were long and hard that summer, we felt incredibly thankful every minute, every, hour and every day that the team at Chop was taking care of Charlie. Eric and I have been impressed and really just amazed with the care that we have gotten from our first visit when I was 21 weeks pregnant to his most recent follow-up visit this summer. For those of you who came to visit, you know that it’s an exceptional place.

In the weeks after Charlie was born, I went back to what keeps me sane—running. I started small by running early in the morning from Ronald McDonald House to one of the Penn tracks and then to Chop. I decided on one of those early morning runs that my next marathon would be Philadelphia and that I would run for Chop and that Charlie would be at the finish line with his brothers and sisters. That image or dream back then, on that morning in June, made me beam with hope and excitement. And here we are, it’s going to happen in less than a week! Not only will Charlie be there next to Penn, Sally, TJ, and Frankie but he is healthy and sorry,,, but too cute to handle!

I know this late but a sprained ankle made me think I might not get to this point and let’s face it, I’m a little late with this kind of thing,, I am running for Chop and Eric and I have pledged to keep giving to Chop now and over the years. I am asking you to think about giving to Team Boucher now or later or when I run my next Marathon. Penn, Sally, TJ, Frankie, and Charlie are giving as well. Charlie was eating a dime yesterday along with some lego heads,, so that will be his donation. Frank will take some money from TJ’s wallet and donate it and the big kids are donating some of their babysitting and chore money. Think about asking your kids if they want to give, no donation is too small, really! A lot of them remember when Charlie was sick and probably even know that Chop was where he got better. Just something to think about during this really boring, not busy time of year!!

We will be in touch after the marathon. Can’t wait to see my crew out there!

Emily xo





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