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When John & I walked out of our local hospital on March 4th, we were scared and confused about the uncertain future for our growing family. The doctors noticed a cyst and some abnormalities with our baby’s heart during our anatomy scan, but they didn’t have any answers. They told us to come back in two weeks for further testing, but our instincts told us to go elsewhere. We reached out to CHOP, and they instantly took us under their wing in the Center for Fetal Diagnosis & Treatment. In a matter of days from our first anatomy scan, they ran a full scope of testing and diagnosed our baby girl with two congenital anomalies: a hypoplastic aortic arch and a cloaca. We sat down with a team of doctors and surgeons, and they laid out a clear plan for the care of our daughter after birth. During the pregnancy, we visited the hospital weekly for monitoring and treatment. We toured the Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit (NIICU) and the Special Delivery Unit (SDU) as we prepared for our daughter’s arrival. The doctors and nurses were so kind and gentle with us as they held our hands through the scariest weeks of our lives. We felt cared for and confident that we made a good move in going to CHOP. As Rosa’s health declined, CHOP’s commitment to us and our daughter was unwavering. They were respectful of our wishes and included us in every decision along the way.

Our hearts broke on May 29th when we learned about Rosa Kimberly's fetal demise. Truly, it was the worst day of our lives. The doctors and nurses at CHOP once again held our hands as we walked a new path. With their help, I was able to give birth to my baby girl at the SDU. My labor and delivery experience was peaceful, beautiful, and sad at the same time. The doctors and nurses supported us and went above and beyond the call of duty. After Rosa Kimberly was born sleeping, we got to spend two days with her in the hospital making memories. A volunteer from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep took professional photographs, the chaplain baptized Rosa, the rector from our local church said a blessing, the Child Life department helped us make handprint & footprint art and collect lochs of Rosa’s hair, we got to spend time holding and rocking and singing to our baby, as our closest family and friends surrounded us with love and met our beautiful daughter.

We owe so much to CHOP for taking care of our family. Even now, weeks later, they continue to care for us as they are looking for answers that will hopefully help us plan for the future. Their dedication to our family leaves me speechless. They are willing to do anything and everything to help us achieve a healthy pregnancy in the future, and are working side by side with our local doctors as we move forward.

Running has been a long time passion of mine – my therapy, my social life, my pride and joy – so when I learned about Team CHOP, it was obvious that I needed to join the team. Every mile I run, all the literal blood, sweat and tears I have shed along this journey are dedicated to my beautiful angel babies. With every dollar raised for Team CHOP, Rosa’s memory is honored while another family benefits from the tremendous care available at CHOP. Thank you for being part of the team and for your endless love and support.

Celeste Marie
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