T/E Middle School Fundraiser for CHOP Covid Relief Fund

Join us on March 4, 2021

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TEMS Students are launching a 4-week fundraiser beginning on March 15 to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) COVID-19 Relief fund.  
We chose CHOP due to the immediate need to address the pandemic, and CHOP has been a leader in COVID-19 vaccination research as well as in distributing vaccines to teachers.  CHOP has also treated many COVID patients and participated in COVID food relief efforts.  


For every $5 you donate, you can cast a vote for which T/E staff member will record a Tik Tok-style dance, to be played on the TEMSTV announcements anposted on Schoology. (For example, if you donate $20, you get 4 votes.)  If we reach our goal of $1,000, three staff members will record a dance video (either separately or together).  If we surpass our goal and hit $2,000, five staff members will danceand there will be at least 2 videos.  If we reach $3,000 or more10 staff members will dance, and at least 3 videos will be recorded.  The grade level that raises the most money will get to choose one of the songs that staff will dance tofrom a list of middle school appropriate songs.  No donation is too small.  Every donation is needed and much appreciated.  CHOP needs your help to win the fight against COVID. 

To donate by grade-level and help your grade raise the most money, click on the link at the right for your grade.

Check out this video from CHOP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCVhWawGsXY