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Sarah Burns

MSJA Magic-THON 2022



My name is Sarah Burns and this year I along with Maggie Pensabene are the senior co-chairs of Magic-THON! This year is my fourth and final year participating in Magic-THON. Though this year is bittersweet, I am confident Magic-THON will be a success. Maggie and I have spent and continue to spend an innumerable number of hours planning for this years Magic-THON. Knowing that our hard work benefits such a great organization right in our community is incredible. I encourage you to support my fundraising page and help make the time for breakthroughs now.

- Sarah Burns


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 Thank you for visiting my fundraising page and helping us make breakthroughs!

 All contributions will benefit Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible.