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Charlotte Adams

Team Captain Warrior Princess 2023 Walk for Hope


As many of you know, Charlotte was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases in the past 6 months, CNO (a bone disorder) and Crohns Disease (an inflammatory bowel disorder).  She has suffered a lot as we have worked towards these diagnoses and with the compassionate quality care she has received at CHOP she is finally doing better after her first 2 infusions.  She has gained her weight back and is back to being happy and activeShe truly is our warrior princess!

The Adams family is raising money and walking to help create hope. Join us on our fundraising journey to find a cure for Crohns Disease! Maybe someday in Charlotte's lifestime there will be a cure for this disease! 

Why Should You Join?

  • IBD is growing at a rapid speed: Inflammatory bowel disease is the fastest-growing autoimmune disorder in children younger than 5.
  • Too many kids are suffering: Each year, the Center for Pediatric IBD at CHOP treats more than 1,800 young patients who suffer from abdominal pain, intestinal inflammation and other symptoms of this often-debilitating disease.
  • Breakthroughs need funding: The past few years have produced an explosion of knowledge about the genetics of IBD and expanded treatment options. Today, expert gastroenterologists, geneticists and researchers work together to evaluate each child’s DNA and microbiome with the goal of developing truly personalized medicine. Walk for Hope funds these discoveries – taking us one step closer to a cure.

How Can You Help?
Join us for the walk and/or donate today and help change the lives of children with IBD.
The 5K run/2Kwalk is Sunday 4/16/23 at Citizens Bank Park.

Thank you for your support!