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Team CHOP – 2024 Broad Street Run


This year we are excited to announce we are joining TEAM CHOP and running in the 2024 Broad Street Run to support children, like our son, who are patients at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 

As many of you know CHOP holds an extremely special place in our hearts. Our 6 month old, Sean, spent the first 108 days of his life in-patient at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after a traumatic delivery and lung disease diagnosis. We are filled with tremendous gratitude and appreciation to the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist, feeding specialist, occupational therapists, and other vital staff who provided world class care for our Seany, and saved his life on more than one occasion. They are the people that have made it possible for him to be home with us and his siblings, where he continues to make strides and get stronger.

We hope you will consider supporting us as we prepare for the race. 100% of all donations we raise will benefit the NICU and Pulmonary Departments, at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and all donations are tax deductible. Your gift will help make today's innovative ideas, tomorrow's reality for the families at CHOP.

With love and appreciation,

Casey and Bobby Hill