Jake Rome

Team Captain Roc-n-rome-a-coasters 2017 Walk for Hope


I am raising money and walking to help create hope. Join me on the journey toward a cure for IBD!

Why my family and I  Walk:

- IDB is growing at a rapid speed: Inflammatory bowel disease — which refers to both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — is the fastest-growing autoimmune disorder in children younger than 5.   I was diagnosed at 8 yo!

- TOO many kids are suffering: Each year, the Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease at CHOP treats more than 1,400 young patients who suffer from abdominal pain, intestinal inflammation and other symptoms.  I am one of those more than 1400!

- To find a cure: The Pediatric IBD Center at CHOP is the largest and most advanced program in the world dedicated to the treatment and study of IBD in children. Today, expert gastroenterologists, geneticists, and researchers work together to evaluate each child’s DNA and microbiome with the goal of developing true personalized medicine.  98 cents of every dollar we have rasied goes to the Pediactric IBD Center!

How Can You Help:



Pick one or more of the 4 ways to help my team:

       Donate $$$

       Donate time

       D4nate a 'sweepstakes' item

       Be a sponsor!  Get Perks!

By donating helping us get one step closer to a cure for IBD!

Thank you for your support! It means everything to me and my family!


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