Dana Ferrise

Team Captain Team Danny Boy 2017 Daisy Days 31-Day Challenge

Dear Family and Friends,

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Cardiac Care holds a very special place in my heart because they have and continue to take care of my youngest son, Danny’s, heart.  Danny was diagnosed with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia – he has an abnormally fast heart rate) at 29 weeks gestation.  The fetal cardiologists at CHOP spent the next seven weeks trying to find the right medication for me to take to help maintain Danny's heart rate, as well as monitored his little heart closely until he was ready to be born.   At 36 weeks, Danny was born and the pediatric cardiologists stepped in to find him the right medicine combination to help get control of his heart rate.  Danny’s SVT is a complex type that was harder to get under control, so he spent 18 days at CHOP.  This process was frustrating for us but CHOP provided us with the support we needed.  They took extra special care of our Danny, as well as comforted us through the setbacks that occurred.  Finally on March 15, 2017, Danny was able to come home because the two medications that he is on finally slowed his heart rate and he was SVT free for 72 hours. Mike and I learned so much about Danny’s condition from the doctors and nurses.   CHOP also provided us with several classes to help make the transition home easier and less stressful with administering medicine and monitoring his heart.  We are so lucky to have CHOP so close to us in Philadelphia because we now see why it is ranked one of the best children hospitals in the country.  We have a long road ahead of us with Danny and his heart but CHOP Cardiac Care will make this journey less traumatic for us because we know that he is in the best care.

To show how thankful I am of CHOP’s expertise, I am participating in The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia’s Daisy Day 31-Day Challenge for the month of May! I have pledged to walk/jog for 31 days for the kids, like my son, at CHOP!  Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation as I take on the 62 mile Challenge to raise money for CHOP Cardiac Care.  

Your donation is not only helping Danny with his ongoing battle with his heart condition but also so many other children and their hearts that need the extra special care and attention from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Cardiac Care.  Thank you for your support and love for our Danny Boy and his sweet, little heart.

Many thanks and love,



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