Charles Wroten, III

Team Captain CHARLES IS BALLING 2017 Parkway Run & Walk

The Parkway Run & Walk is a 5K Run & 2K Family Fun Walk that benefits pediatric cancer research and care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, ranked the #2 children's hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

Give Cancer The Heisman! 

I am so grateful to be cured. I am happy to be here with my family and friends!

The CHOP Run & Walk is my way of giving back and saying thank you to all the doctors and nurses who saved my life. They took such great care of me. The CHOP doctors and nurses, made me feel like they had my back. So many people were there for me, and helped me and my family out when I had testicular cancer. Now, it’s my turn to help children who still suffer with pediatric cancer. I plan to run this race for the rest of my life.

My testicular cancer journey has impacted my dreams and goals. I can say that I strive harder. I give my all because I never know what day will be my last. My testicular cancer journey has let me know who my true friends are and who really cares about me. I feel special because my family and friends held me up. And the coaches, teachers and parents showed that they cared for me on and off the field.

Sometimes, people ask me if having testicular cancer changed me. I don’t feel like surviving testicular cancer changed who I am. I still feel like I am the same person. However, I am more grounded. I have great mental toughness. I have strong faith. I feel more optimistic. I see my life as a beautiful gift from God. I look forward to living my dreams of playing college football and studying sports medicine.

Save the Date for the CHOP Run & Walk on September 24th, 2017! I look forward to running the race with you all again on Team Charles is Balling! And if you can’t make it, please tell a friend to come out and help us:

Give Cancer The Heisman! 

Pediatric cancer strikes 1 in 285 children. Your support will directly fund our cancer research and survivorship programs and make an incredible difference in the lives of children with cancer. Please join me on Sunday, Sept. 24 and help us fight childhood cancer!

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