Daniel Weissman

Team Sassy Massey 2017 Parkway Run & Walk

CHOP is the very best place that you never wanted to be.  Daniel and I will be walking this year in support of the place that has given so much to us.

After a full year of treatment, currently Daniel is classified as No Evidence of Disease, but he is still in the period of time where his chance of relapse is at it's greatest.  He will need to be monitored for recurrence of his cancer for the rest of his life.

While we are so grateful for how far Daniel has come this year, there is much work to be done to fund better, less toxic treatment and cures for Daniel and all of his friends. The treatments currently available for pediatric brain tumor patients come at too great a cost - significant hearing loss, loss of fertility, significant cognitive impairment, long-term kidney and heart damage and even death are some of the side effects for the treatments available to our kids.  The most effective treatment for many brain cancers - full brain and spine radiation - has devestating cognitive impact on young children. 

We are very lucky that Daniel did so well during treatment, but he still will need to be monitored for these side effects for years to come.  He will also need to continue with intensive rehabilitation, and in late August we will be returning to Philadelphia for at least a month to be admitted to the full day intensive feeding program to attempt to wean him off of the NG tube that he has required for nutrition for over a year.

We can do better for our kids.  Please help us help CHOP make that a reality.


I’m raising money to help fight childhood cancer and fund lifesaving research and innovative care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Join me to help CHOP make a difference today!

Why this is so important to me:

Patients Need Us 
Parents shouldn’t have to hear the words “your child has cancer.” However,  1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they’re 20 years old.

Breakthroughs Are Upon Us
CHOP’s Center for Childhood Cancer Research is one of the most distinguished research programs in the nation. Every day, CHOP’s Cancer Center team is redefining what a cancer diagnosis means for a child. The center offers the most advanced therapies available anywhere in the world, including cutting-edge clinical trials that reprogram the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

How You Can Help Make an Immediate Impact Today
100% of every donation helps CHOP make important breakthroughs in understanding the causes of childhood cancer – and developing treatments that improve cure rates.

Thank you for your support!

Love, Daniel & Lisa


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