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Team Camryn 2017 Parkway Run & Walk

I’m raising money to help fight childhood cancer and fund lifesaving research and innovative care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Join me to help CHOP make a difference today!

Why this is so important to me:

Five years ago on August 30th (which was a Friday)  very early in the morning, my telephone rang and I heard the distraught voice of my sister in law telling me that my great niece Camryn was rushed to a the hospital and was unresponsive.  

On Tuesday earlier that week Camryn began first grade. On Wednesday we learned that Camryn's diagnosis was inoperable Medullary Glioblastoma and we enrolled in a clinical trial at CHOP. On Thursday she went to school for a half day, then went to CHOP to be fitted for a radiation mask. In the wee hours of Friday morning she felt sick, woke her parents and fell unresponsive.

Next we learned that Camryn was being airlifted to CHOP and we jumped in the car and raced to meet Megan and Camryn.

The next 48 hours spent at CHOP are still vivid and yet unimaginable. What I will never forget is the love and strength of my niece Megan and her husband Tony. That still leaves me in awe.

When we all crawled to our cars early Sunday morning, we had lost our beloved Camryn and also huge pieces of ourselves.

Thanks to her parents' selflessness, Camryn lives on in several transplant recipients.

There are no words...??

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