Dana Ferrise

Team Captain Team Danny Boy 2018 Daisy Days 31-Day Challenge

Family and Friends,

I am participating in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia’s Daisy Day 31-Day Challenge, again this May! I have pledged to run 62 miles for the next 31 days to show my support and give much thanks to CHOP Cardiac Care.

Many of you know that my youngest son, Danny, was diagnosed with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia - an abnormally fast heart rate) while he was in utero.  Danny was delivered a month early and the doctors at CHOP Cardiac Care immediately gave him the medical attention that he needed.  He spent 18 long days at CHOP until they were finally able to find the right combination of medicine to help keep his heart rate normal.  

I am happy to report that Danny is doing very well!  This past year has been filled with listening to his heart at least twice daily, administering medicines three times a day, many doctor appointments, blood work (Danny is not a fan of this), 24-hour heart monitors, EKG's, and anxiety.   Danny has been quite the trooper through it all!  He is seen by his phenomenal cardiologist, Dr. Vetter, at CHOP about every three months.  She is very pleased that the heart medications are doing their job and keeping Danny's heart under control.  As far as we know, he's been episode free since his stay at CHOP after he was born!    Dr. Vetter is still hopeful that he will out grow the SVT, but we won't know for sure until he is a little older.  Danny is an active one year old that tries to keep up with his brother, who he adores.  I believe we wouldn't have this sweet and happy little man without the help and care of CHOP Cardiac Care.  

Last year, I was one of the top five fundraisers for the Daisy Day 31-Day Challenge and that is all thanks to your support.  I raised over $2,000 to not only help children with heart conditions but also as a thank you to CHOP Cardiac Care for taking such good care of my Danny Boy.  

Please consider supporting me again this year with making a donation.  CHOP Cardiac Care has and still is taking such great care of Danny's heart, which means they are taking care of a piece of my heart too.

Thank you very much for all of the support!

Much love,


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