The Parkway Run & Walk is a 5K Run & 2K Family Fun Walk that benefits pediatric cancer research and care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, ranked the #2 children's hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

Pediatric cancer strikes 1 in 285 children. Your support will directly fund our cancer research and survivorship programs and make an incredible difference in the lives of children with cancer. 

We, DaDa's family  and friends, want to help by walking the 2018 parkway walk and run so that other children and families do not have to endure a lifetime of grief and suffering. There is hope! Together with each step walked and each race ran we are helping fight children's cancer. I always knew that children could get cancer, I just never knew it would one day be diagnosed to my child and hit me right in my heart in the end. DaDa was diagnosed with ATRT tumor in 2006 and his battle against the tumor ended the same year in 2006. DaDa went through aggressive chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries. This disease cancer needs to be stopped and with every effort none being to great or to small we can help in doing this. It's a battle every second breathing and just living this life without my son and I would like to help anyway possible so another family don't have to walk this path. So please join us in this walk/run. 

                                                                                         - DaDa's family


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