My nephew Thomas was diagnosed with Leukemia just before his 2nd birthday. He was in remission for about a year until he relapsed 6 months ago. This will mean another year of intense chemotherapy followed by radiation this time around.

Through this hardship, my family and I take comfort in the fact that he is being treated at CHOP, which is the world leader in research and treatment for Leukemia. CHOP is on the verge of finalizing its breakthrough CAR T-Cell therapy, which will hopefully become the predominant course of treatment for Leukemia. This innovative shift in the way in which cancer is treated will transform care for so many patients. The chemo treatment that is used right now is so harsh on small children that it has horrible long-term side effects…it can even be lethal. T-cell therapy will eliminate the use of chemicals and radiation for many patients. It will cut treatment time from years to months or even weeks in some cases. This will help to minimize the physical, emotional and financial hardship that is endured by pediatric cancer patients and their families.

I am supporting CHOP in their fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer research so that families don’t have to suffer more than necessary when faced with a cancer diagnosis. We are Team Thomas Tough! Any and all support is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you



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