Jordana Abrams

Team Captain Team Action Jaxson Philly Spin-In 2019

  1. We are raising money for cardiac research and care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The cardiac unit was one of a few units that helped Jaxson when he was born. He was premature and stayed in the NICU for his first two months of life. He had intestinal surgery on his second day of life and two other surgeries before his ten month.  It was also discovered that he had a heart issue which is being monitored closely by the incredible cardiac unit at CHOP. We feel blessed that he is doing incredibly well and would like to help other families dealing with cardiac issues by raising much needed funds for cardiac research.  We can't tell you the amazing treatment he received at CHOP, especially by the incredible doctors and nurses in the NICU. They have become our friends! If you are a parent, a grandparent or just a friend, I think you know how special this place is and how lucky we are to have CHOP in our own backyard.

This spin event is special as my daughter in law Jordana is a spin instructor and will be leading the fundraiser along with her friend Yael and several leading spin instructors in Philly. 

So you can ride with us, or just donate! It will be fun and it will go to a great cause, even if you ride for a few minutes. So join us! Thanks. We love you all for all your support, kind wishes, incredible gifts, texts, calls and just love during an extremely difficult time. It's time to give back. 

Why I Spin:

  • Little hearts need us:  Parents shouldn’t have to hear the words “your child has congenital heart disease.”  More than one million babies are born each year with congenital heart disease.
  • Breakthroughs are upon us: “I can’t think of anything more important than taking a child who has a fatal heart disease and getting them through to live to be a grandparent,” says Matthew Gillespie, MD, Interventional Cardiologist. “We have in recent years made incredible important breakthroughs that nobody else has had in some of the most important issues affecting our patients. We really need the support of philanthropy to make that possible.”

How Can You Help:

By donating and helping us support the little hearts through ground breaking and innovative research here at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“From the bottom of all the hearts we touch, from the bottom of all the hearts we work on, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.” 

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