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2020 31-Day Challenge

Dear Family and Friends,

For the month of May I'm participating in the 31-Day Challenge at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in honor of Logan and Riley's birth month. I've pledged to run 100 miles to support cutting-edge research and care at CHOP!

Why I Participate
Our twins, Logan and Riley, were born on Friday, May 13th at 28 weeks,  weighing 1 lb 8 oz and 2 lb 5 oz, respectively. Riley spent 71 days at the NICU at Stony Brook and Logan was transferred to CHOP in critical condition at 3 months old. Logan spent a total of 283 days in the NICU, 180 of those at CHOP. Both twins have had surgeries at CHOP (Riley for ptosis) and Logan has seen over 15 different department specialists (cardiology, pulmonology, Feeding Clinic, thoracic surgery, GI, Neonatal Follow Up, Opthamology, and plastic surgery for Craniostenosis to name a few).

In short, CHOP is our home away from home and we are so grateful for their AMAZING nurses, doctors and therapists. We owe our beautiful twins' health to all their hard work.  Our family wants to give back so that others in the future can continue to receive the same sort of support and care as we did. 

How You Can Help
Consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation as I take on my challenge to raise money for kids at CHOP.