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2020 31-Day Challenge

Dear Family and Friends,

For the month of May I'm participating in the 31-Day Challenge at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I've pledged to get active for 31 days to support cutting-edge research and care at CHOP! A month long fundraiser where I  commit to walk/jog/run a mile a day (or more) to raise funds for this amazing hospital.

Why I Participate
The time for breakthroughs is NOW. CHOP is on the cusp of life-changing discoveries for children. They are transforming the well-being of children and creating healthier communities throughout Philadelphia and across the world. This is my first year participating and my family is raising money specifically for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department. They were the first team of doctors and nurses we met back in October of 2019 that confirmed our daughters diagnosis, Crouzon Syndrome. But surely not the only team involved in her journey. We plan to donate to each and every department in the futures 31-Day Challenge event  that will continue to keep our daughter healthy and happy. Our family wants to help make today’s innovative ideas, tomorrow’s realities.  

How You Can Help
Consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation as I take on my challenge to raise money for kids at CHOP.