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Jess’s 100 Mile Challenge

2020 31-Day Challenge

 This weekend I’ll be taking on a Century Ride (100 miles) in an effort to raise money for CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia).  As some of you know, before COVID-19 we had been taking the drive every other week to Philly from NJ for our 8 year old daughter’s rare gastrointestinal condition. Their doctors, therapists, care specialists and staff have helped us through some challenging times and continue to do during this pandemic, albeit virtually over telehealth appointments. Their patience and knowledge has proven to go so much farther than their hospital walls. We are advantaged in our situation as while it is  tough and frustrating, it is (thank goodness) not life threatening. We also have decent health insurance coverage. MANY children and their families are not so fortunate.  Please consider a donation to keeping their services at the top of their game and accessible for all children who depend on them.  I’ll be sure to dedicate a mile in your honor! 


Why I Participate The time for breakthroughs is now. CHOP is on the cusp of life-changing discoveries for children. They are transforming the well-being of children and creating healthier communities throughout Philadelphia and across the world. I am raising money because I want to help make today’s innovative ideas, tomorrow’s realities.  

How You Can Help Consider supporting me by making a tax-deductible donation as I take on my challenge to raise money for kids at CHOP.