Missy Greenawald

Team Sassy Massey 2017 Parkway Run & Walk

Dolores Guldner $25.00 • September 24, 2017 We fell in love with your story and your family!

Dolores and Chris Guldner
Bill and Lisa Fehnel $50.00 • September 24, 2017 You amaze us little girl! Fight on!

Love, Bill and Lisa Fennel
Denny and Sue Ehrlacher $50.00 • September 24, 2017 You are so strong Jillian!
Love, Denny and Sue
The Angelone Family $50.00 • September 21, 2017 Way to go Jillian! Your smile lights up the world!
Bob and Kathy Krafty $20.00 • September 18, 2017 Keep going Jillian!
Love, Bob and Kathy Krafty
Ed and Eileen Ehrlacher $25.00 • September 18, 2017 Jillian you are always in our prayers.
Ed and Eileen
Linda Wilburn $25.00 • September 5, 2017 Sweet Jillian has a smile to light up your day...she is such an inspiration! Wish I were there to walk with y'all, will be thinking of you from SC.
Tracy Liebermann $100.00 • September 5, 2017 I have followed Jillian's story since the beginning and this cause means a lot to me! She is in my thoughts and prayers, as are her whole family. Keep smiling little girl!
Anonymous $10.00 • September 5, 2017
Anonymous $25.00 • September 5, 2017 Thoughts and wishes to all the runners and walkers. A great cause and shout out to Sassy Massy: You and your family have touched so many lives and your support system is never ending...this is for you and your strength little one.....
Jessie Greenawald $20.00 • September 5, 2017 Jillian you are a special angel!

Dale and Jessie Greenawald
Darlene Ehrlacher $60.00 • September 5, 2017 We love you Jilian!

Nana Dee-Dee and Frank
The Lesniak family September 5, 2017 What a strong and amazing little girl!!
Katie Kupstas September 3, 2017 Next year I will be there with you! 😘
Anonymous $50.00 • August 31, 2017
PRISCILLA Dougherty August 28, 2017
The Xander Family $25.00 • August 26, 2017 What a wonderful and worthy cause! We are sending lots of prayers to the Massey family. CHOP does amazing work for so many children and has touched lives of several people who are near and dear to our hearts. Best of luck on your walk and thank you for participating in this awesome cause!
Carol Tankred August 25, 2017
Missy Greenawald $10.00 • August 25, 2017
Missy Greenawald $30.00 • August 25, 2017

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