Anonymous $5.00 • September 23, 2017 From a kind friend!
Megan Pultz $25.00 • September 20, 2017 Dear Claire,

You have a heart of gold 💛! Continue to care about others and you will be the richest girl in town!

I pray you get to meet your new friend, Jillian 🌈
Because you two would hit it off immediately - I just know it!

Love your Sweet ❤️,
Aunt LiLe $100.00 • September 20, 2017 My sweet Claire, so proud of you and happy to be supporting you! What you are doing is amazing!! I will be the wind beneath your wings during your walk! I love you so much!! Love, Aunt LiLe xoxoxo
The Kerzner Family $100.00 • September 20, 2017 Thank you for having such a big, beautiful heart!!
Auntie $100.00 • September 20, 2017 You are amazing and I am thrilled you are helping out for such a great cause!!

Proud to be your Aunt!

Love, Auntie xo
Anonymous $50.00 • September 20, 2017
Bridgette Ceraul $12.00 • September 7, 2017

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