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1.87 Mile Run for Heart Health!

A personal campaign sponsored by Larkin Richardson


We at Penn Alpha Phi are deeply passionate about our philanthropy, heart health. Thank you for joining us in our goal to support the Cardiac Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). 


  1. RUN 1.87 MILES (or as close to 1.872 miles as possible, in honor of the year 1872, when Alpha Phi was founded). You have between November 30th and December 5th, 2020, to complete the run. This run is entirely virtual, so you can do it whenever and wherever. Donation requirements are $5 for individual runners and $15 for families to participate.
  2. DONATE on this page (the CHOP donor drive). All money donated on this page goes directly to the Cardiac Center at CHOP. Select "donate" and then select "other" to donate amounts of $5 or $15. There is an option to donate more if you wish, but the $5/$15 donation is the minimum to participate in the run and qualify for entry into the raffle. **MAKE SURE TO KEEP DONATIONS NON-ANONYMOUS.
  3. FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM to be entered into the raffle. Donations must be non-anonymous to qualify for the raffle. Link to form:

Please contact Larkin Richardson ( with any questions.

Thank you for supporting CHOP and Alpha Phi!

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