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March 31, 2022



Join our #maddystrong family in supporting the treatment and care of Madelyn James Didio at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We hope to get to a Bone Marrow Transplant to help save her life. When we get there, her twin sister Hannah, will be her donor. 


Our little Madelyn James loves to move. She whole-body dances when she hears music. She laughs with her entire face. She makes the funniest, cutest tiger screams of joy. And, when she wakes up, she has the biggest smile on her face that beams immediate light, even when its rainy.

That's why we are honoring her journey and moving with her as we fight to get to a bone marrow transplant. We ask you to move with and for Maddy. You can run, walk, dance, or spin! And, every time you do we are asking if you can donate at least one dollar for that activity to CHOP and their Oncology Emergency Social Worker Fund.


So, how exactly does it work? It's simple! Whenever you move like Maddy, give to the fund! So, if you go on a morning 2 mile jog, you could donate $2 to the #movesformaddy fund. Or after that gnarly 30 min Peloton workout, give $10. Whatever style of movement and amount you are comfortable with, will be appreciated by Maddy, us, and--most importantly--those kiddos CHOP who don't have access to the amazing resources we do but are fighting just as hard.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support families so they can receive life-saving, innovative treatments.

And, if you want to increase your impact while doing it in style you can move for Maddy in a new #movesformaddy shirt! All funds from this shirt sale go to CHOP.

More about Maddy James


When Maddy was 36 weeks in my belly she decided she wanted to flip from breech to head down. She was ready to make her appearance as baby b! Since she’s a twin and had to share space so let me tell you that was no easy feat.

Maddy is a fighter. 

Her smile takes up her whole face and she loves being near her sister, Hannah, and loves standing up and snuggles with mom and dad. So when we didn’t see her face light up, she didn’t love standing and tummy time, I knew something was up. On, September 25th, 2021 (one day before her four month birthday) we saw bruising on her belly. We thought her tight tummy was just constipation, but the spots gave us warning.

After a visit to urgent care (shout out PM Pediatrics) - we were told to go to the ER at our local hospital in Virginia for testing as soon as possible. After x-rays, ultra sounds, and bloodwork, Dan and I were told that Maddy has Leukemia. She was one day away from her four month birthday.

Why We Love CHOP

Our team at CHOP is phenomenal. And, we consider them so much more than a team - they are our family. Our home away from home. When we walk into clinic, we feel like we're in our living room. We get smiles from every single person we talk to, and every person knows our sweet Maddy girl. Their expertise can not be beat! And, when they don't know, they reach out to experts from around the world.

They have decided on Maddy's care path based on Maddy, not just a protocol. They look at her as Maddy, not just a patient. They talk about Maddy's future with hope and clarity. And, they give us hope!

That's why we're raising funds so that every single family who gets the worst news a parent can get, no matter where they live, can experience the love and new, kinder, better treatments for kids from CHOP.

More about the Oncology Social Worker Emergency Fund

This fund contributes to the overarching goal of CHOP to create more equitable care for all families, no matter what. This is why we love this fund! It's special to our family because we know first hand what it means to have the privilege and opportunity, because of insurance, to live near the hospital while Maddy is in treatment. 

More About Maddy J. and the Maddy J. Fund

Please look out for the announcement of the launch of our new nonprofit, The Maddy J. Fund. 

You can learn more and follow her courageous journey on our Caring Bridge Page: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/madelynjamesdidio