Dashing for Drew 2015 - 10 years and counting!

A personal campaign sponsored by Trisha Budlong


Dashing for Drew is 10 years old!  Which is odd, since of course, not one member of our team has aged at all in that time!  10 years is a long time...it's a long time to be constantly asking all of you to support our cause, it's a long time to watch your child grow and face a myriad of challenges - albeit blessedly successfully for us, and it's a really long time to run the same 13.1 miles!  To that end, we are going to mark our 10th anniversary by changing things up a bit.  This year D4D will run 10 races - between June and December.  Most will be 5 K's, but there will be at least one 10K in there as well.  Drew's mom will run all 10, Drew will be participating in as many of these as is possible and the rest of the team roster will vary depending on date and location.  Ultimately we will cover well beyond our 13.1 miles, but the real point is to spread the word about NF and the amazing work being done here at CHOP through the NF clinic!  10 years...what has changed?  Well many things - Drew will soon be driving...Drew is halfway through high school...Drew is thinking about colleges, potentially for chemical engineering...and so much more.  What hasn't changed?  Drew is still an awesome, kind, funny, smart person (said with a tad of bias) and there is still no cure for NF!   

So we will will lace up our shoes, and hit the road and run 10 races in an effort to support all the amazing people here who have created this fantastic NF program.  Through their efforts, the lives of so many living with NF have been significantly impacted and improved, and through our efforts we hope to offer our them much needed support and funds.  

As always, thank you for your support of D4D and if you want to join us for one of the races, leave a comment and we will get you the details!  Here's hoping that one day we can post this page saying it has been 10 years since a cure was found!

Dashing for Drew 2015





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