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January 5, 2018


January 10, 2016 was a day that left millions of people around the globe both shocked and saddened. It was on that date we collectively learned that David Bowie had lost his 18-month battle with liver cancer.

David Bowie was more than a musician. He was an inspiration.

And in Philadelphia – he was one of us.

Philly embraced Bowie from the very first tour. In Dec 1972, the initial three shows at the Tower Theater sold out in no time.  Two months later, in Feb 1973, he played seven more (instantly) sold out Tower shows. Then again in 1974, there were seven more sold out Tower shows. Philadelphia was one of the first places where people ‘camped out’ for tickets to his shows.

He recorded three LPs (David Live, Young Americans & Stage) and filmed the Modern Love video here. When he did micro tours, Philly was always included. He did things in Philly that he just didn’t do in other cities (like the fundraiser/performance session for Philly’s public radio station WXPN). While it may not have been as obvious to the general public, his fans definitely knew he favored Philly!

Several fans of David Bowie gathered together throughout 2016 to decide just what we can do to celebrate the life and spirit of Bowie as the one-year anniversary approached – and Philly Loves Bowie Week was born. From January 6 to the 14 2017, over a dozen gatherings happened across the city to celebrate the Starman and over $13,000 was raised for the Cancer Center at CHOP, in David's memory.

As the dust settled, we quickly realized that this event needed to be annual - so Philly Loves Bowie 2018 was formed and details can be found on our website below. 

Learn more at 

Besides a week+ of events and activities designed to celebrate the man and his unique spirit - we wanted to make sure that we could use this week as a portal to raise awareness and funds to help benefit cancer research in David's memory, and who better to benefit than children ... and when it comes to caring for children, there's no place better than the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

While no one should have to go through cancer, it seems especially cruel when it happens to a child. So, at every event during the week, we will work to raise both funds and awareness through the magic that is David Bowie. 

As the Starman said himself... 

Let all the children boogie!



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