Christian's Champions - Broad Street Run 2018

A personal campaign sponsored by Courtney Thein

May 6, 2018



It's time to run again for Christian!! This year I will be running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia with a few friends in honor of my son to support the research and treatment of Spina Bifida at CHOP. I'm lacing up my shoes again and running for Christian on May 6, 2018  

Christian was diagnoised with Spina Bifida - Thethered Cord at our 20 week ultrasound. On January 14, 2014, at three months old, he had surgery to unthether the spinal cord. The surgery was successful and Christian rocked it. Unfortunately, he had some complications with an infection and had to have a second surgery to close the spinal column. Christian spent 23 days in the hospital and then another 8 weeks on his belly allowing his back to heal...always with a smile on his beautiful face! His grace, strength and fierce determination has gotten not only him through some rough times but it has also gotten his family through them. He is a true inspiration.

Today Christian is doing incredible. He is 4 years old, at school, physical therapy and is WALKING with crutches and bracing. He is determined to keep up with his sister and brothers...and is doing just that. He is AMAZING!!!

Please consider contributing to CHOP and the Spina Bifida Progam for Christian and others like him. Christian is our champion and I will keep running for him everyday!!

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