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Image caption At some point in life, a career path must be chosen.  Although I switched curricula once or twice during my college career, I knew that I wanted to provide a service for others; therefore, since I believe that children are precious to God, I chose to become an educator.In the classroom community, the strength that I developed from patience and perseverance led me through many cumbersome days. I maintained numerous goals for my students, but the two most important goals for me were that of leading children on a path to success (while I remained mindful of the individuality of each child’s abilities) and  guiding the children as they developed the necessary skills to become life long learners.Children are a special gift.  In the classroom, it brought much joy to my heart when the students displayed a noticeable faint smile which let me know that they enjoyed my classroom presentations; when I realized as I attempted to teach them a challenging learning concept that they finally ‘got it; still now, I am delighted when I hear their voices as they sing gleefully in church; when children are in my restaurant (which is called Chick’s) with their parents and grandparents as they heartily enjoy a family meal; and when I see them in city playgrounds, as they happily play athletic games.  The list seems wondrously endless.Entrusting  in the CHOP Foundation  for Pediatric Cancer Research (research that is ongoing), which coincides with my personal belief in life long learning, is an avenue that will lead children to successful outcomes, so that they may continue to flawlessly develop into the adults that God has intended for them.

Accordingly, it is the fervent desire of my husband, Philip and I that these thoughtful gifts will assist the Foundation in its resolve to discover the answers for the cure to pediatric cancer, so that every parent with an afflicted child may live with a blissful heart and the confidence to know that their children will continue to grow and thrive towards adulthood, just as God has intended.

Gina Narducci