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Performathon for CHOP - 6/25-6/27/21

A personal campaign sponsored by Performathon CHOP

June 25, 2021


**This fundraising page is continuing from the 2020 Performathon and includes donations since then! All donations made here get directly sent to CHOP through the system.

The Performathon for Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (performathonCHOP) is a non-profit organization from the private piano studios of Professor Ingrid Clarfield and Mr. Todd Simmons, and this year joining us, Mr. Jason Gallagher, Mr. Richard Woo, Mrs. Chang Liu, Mrs. Chiutze Lin, and Dr. Chiuling Lin!

This year, the Performathon for CHOP will be a 3-day series of recitals from 7 different studios that will take place at the end of June! 

All funds raised will go to The Children's Fund, which provides essential resources that allows CHOP to act quickly to seize new opportunities and meet unexpected needs of children as they arise. For more information about The Children's Fund please click here

For more information on our organization, please click here.

Our story:

Mr. Bob Rinaldi, Vice President of Jacobs Music, is a dear friend of our teachers. His daughter had to have an open heart surgery just after she was born. The caring medical staff that saved Mr. Rinaldi's daughter and helped with her recovery was from none other than the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)!

We wanted to thank and support CHOP to continue making breakthroughs and bettering the lives of children. We also wanted to spread joy through music while doing so (since we are piano teachers and students!). What could we hold then? A performathon!

The performathon is an annual piano benefit concert that we have held since 2018. This idea was inspired by the Ronald McDonald performathon, formerly an annual long-time project by NJMTA to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

We'd like to give a big thanks to Mr. Rinaldi and Jacobs Music who have been so kind and generous in providing us with not only great deals on wonderful pianos for so many students and teachers but also supporting us with venues and pianos to hold various events (including 2 grand Steinway Ds for the performathon this year!!).

Previous Performathons: