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Performathon for CHOP - 6/25-6/27/21

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June 25, 2021


The Performathon for Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (performathonCHOP) is a non-profit organization from the private piano studios of Professor Ingrid Clarfield, Mr. Todd Simmons, Mr. Jason Gallagher, Mr. Richard Woo, Mrs. Chang Liu, Mrs. Chiu-Tze Lin, and Dr. Chiu-Ling Lin!

This year, the Performathon for CHOP will be a 3-day series of recitals from 6 different piano studios that will take place on June 9th and 12th at the Berlind Theatre in Princeton

All funds raised will go to The Children's Fund, which provides essential resources that allow CHOP to quickly seize new opportunities and meet unexpected needs of children as they arise. Current services The Children’s Fund aids include emergency funds for the families of patients traveling and sheltering, a nonprofit milk bank, language interpreters/translators, support for teenage victims, and more. For more information about The Children's Fund please click here

For more information on our organization, please click here.

Our story:

We wanted to thank and support CHOP to continue making breakthroughs and bettering the lives of children. We also wanted to spread joy through music while doing so (since we are piano teachers and students!). What could we hold then? A performathon!

The performathon is an annual piano benefit concert that we have held since 2018. This idea was inspired by the Ronald McDonald performathon, formerly an annual long-time project by NJMTA to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. 

We'd like to deeply thank Mr. Rinaldi and Jacobs Music who have been so kind and generous in providing us with not only great deals on wonderful pianos for so many students and teachers but also venues and pianos (all at no cost) to hold various events. For this year’s performathon, Jacobs Music has very generously provided a grand Steinway D and rented out the stunning Berlind Theatre in Princeton!



Hi Everyone,

We're incredibly excited to announce that from JUST THIS YEAR, from online donations and in person donations between the 7 studios and 5 recitals, we raised a total of...


We are incredibly grateful for all your support this month and for helping us pass our two year goal of $10,000 for The Children's Fund in just one year! Great job to all the performers, parents, and a special thanks to the teachers and Jacobs Music!

Dr. Chiu-Ling Lin and Mrs. Chiu-Tze Lin's studios at their 2021 Performathon recital

Professor Clarfield's studio at its 2021 Performathon recital

Performers of Past Performathons: Adelyn Ben, Adrianna Ang, Alyssa Xu, Amber Wang, Ananya Chaudhary, Angela Zhang, Arielle Chen, Averie Wu, Catherine You, Charlie Liu, Chiu-Ling Lin, Christina Wang, Christopher Pan, David Du, Dennis Ji, Derek Geng, Dhruv Ramaswamy, Lilian Ji, Locke Cai, Edward Xiong, Effie Li, Elizabeth Nielsen, Emma Li, Eric Li, Evan Lin, Grace Wang, Gracelynne Hao, Hannah Zou, Henry Liang-Gilman, Isabel Yang, Jacqueline Chen, Janki Namboodiripad, Jennifer Liu, Kenneth Fan, Lena Ji, Lucia Camilli, Mackenzie Leung, Mark Husni, Mary Nielsen, Michelle Ng, Parth Gupta, Rachel Herway, Richard Hao, Rishabh Ramaswamy, Rosanne Nahass, Sammi Li, Sarah Chen, Sarah Liu, Sky Han, Sophie Zhang, Taksh Gupta, Talia Black, Yiting Qiu, Zachary Ji, and more!

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