(Ketogenic) Diets for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorder

A personal campaign sponsored by Christina Bergqvist

Jack & Carolyn Massielo $50.00 • May 11, 2018 Donated to help all those afflicted with Dravet, especially Penny Fry!

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jackie
Wolf Family May 7, 2018 Happy Birthday, Penny Fry!
The Ercole Family $30.00 • May 6, 2018
The Halpin Family May 6, 2018 This donation is on honor of Penny Fry’s 3rd birthday! Thank you for all you do!!
Gunnar Bergqvist MD, Amy Bergqvist $5,000.00 • April 10, 2018
Anonymous $100.00 • February 25, 2018
Nana Turk February 14, 2018
Mother of Colby Turk $25.00 • December 31, 2017 Thank you for all you do for us Keto families! Being part of your Keto family has changed our lives. All our love and blessing to you and the team in the new year! Love, Colby Turk & Family
Jacque and Bruce DenUyl $200.00 • December 29, 2017 in honor of Josh Schiegg and family
Jennifer Schiegg $100.00 • December 29, 2017
Gram and Pop Pop Miller $250.00 • December 8, 2017
Sandy and Barry Friter $5.00 • December 7, 2017 In blessed memory of Jacob Shotz.

With heartfelt sympathy,
Sandy and Barry Friter
Jean Marrinan $50.00 • November 29, 2017 This donation is in honor of Penny Fry. Purple for Penny. This donation is also in honor of all clinicians and scientists who tirelessly research to make life better for children who who are ill.
mark bricker November 29, 2017 in memory of Jacob Shotz
Susan Salvato $100.00 • November 27, 2017 This donation is in memory to Jacob Shotz who passed away at the age of 19 on November 14th. In spite of immense challenges caused by his extremely severe conditions Jacob always maintained a positive attitude throughout, that inspired all who came into contact with him.
Paul and Susan Salvato
Audrey and Philip Cross $50.00 • November 24, 2017 In memory of Jacob Shotz
The Steier Family $36.00 • November 24, 2017 In loving memory of Jacob Shotz.
Christopher Wallgren $100.00 • November 21, 2017 Wishing your team all the best success in the world for the good work you are doing. Thank you.
Veronica and Zeljko Jurjevic $50.00 • November 21, 2017 This Donation is in loving memory of Jacob Shotz.
Denise Chila $100.00 • November 21, 2017 In loving memory of Jacob Lyndon Shotz from your friends at Cold Spring Elementary School.

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