(Ketogenic) Diets for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorder

A personal campaign sponsored by Christina Bergqvist

BAYADA Pediatrics $100.00 • November 17, 2017 In loving memory of Jacob Shotz
Lisa Nguyen November 17, 2017 In memory of Jacob Shotz
Mike Bukata and Jo Scoville $300.00 • November 17, 2017 In memory of Jacob Shotz
Denise (Micki) Cox $25.00 • November 17, 2017 In memory of Jacob L. Shotz the bravest young man I have ever know.

In honor of the Shotz family for their love and support to Jacob.
Jody Rosenblum $25.00 • November 16, 2017 In Memory of Jacob Shotz.
Michael Schep and Mary Darling $250.00 • November 16, 2017 In memory of Jacob Shotz
Alison Stone $50.00 • November 16, 2017 This donation is made in the memory of Jacob Shotz.
Mary Beth Lupoli $50.00 • November 16, 2017 In memory of Jacob Shotz
Parsons - CSSA team $250.00 • November 15, 2017 In memory of Jacob
Lisa White $36.00 • November 15, 2017 May Jacob's memory forever be a blessing and an example of a life well lived
Pabon family October 31, 2017 Thanks so much for helping my daughter with this journey I hope the best for the keto team and support together we can make this happen
Gloria Shotz $100.00 • October 24, 2017 The devotion, expertise and compassion from your team to our families is unparalleled! You give us
Gram and Pop Pop Miller $250.00 • October 22, 2017 Joey Christine Miller, we love you. Gram and Pop Pop
Brian Wilkins $50.00 • October 20, 2017
Clare Luzuriaga $25.00 • October 20, 2017 Love the Keto team! Thanks to you all!
Ellen Podolsky $250.00 • September 14, 2017
Jen Rogers - mom to Ava Benzekri $500.00 • July 28, 2017 Thanks to the Keto team for all you do on behalf of Ava (Benzekri) and all of the other keto kids.- Jen Rogers and family
Clare Luzuriaga $25.00 • July 27, 2017 Love the Keto team! Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do! - The Luzuriaga Family
The Goshow Family $100.00 • July 27, 2017 With much love and thanks from our family! Your support makes the hard journey a little bit easier:)
The Friedberg Family $100.00 • June 20, 2017 Good luck and thank you for all you do for Zachary and our family. The Friedberg's

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