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January 18, 2015

Claudia Moreno January 12, 2015 Go Team Tassos!!! XOXO Claudia
Nicole Bundy January 12, 2015 You are an incredible mother, athlete, doctor and friend. I love you, Superwoman! Wish I could be there to give you a hug (and big plate of pasta) at the finish line.
Carla Jennings January 12, 2015 Best of luck in reaching both goals of the half marathon and total donations!
Love Carla
Katherine Bianco January 12, 2015 Alll the best Kristen,
Katherine and her boys.
La Moda Fashion January 12, 2015 Feel all the love around you with every step you take!
Teresa Elia January 12, 2015
KRISTINA M RATH January 11, 2015 Go Kristen! Thank goodness for strong mommas!
Olga Urzi January 11, 2015
Albert Lin January 11, 2015 Way to go, Team Tassos!
Rachel Stone January 11, 2015
Pinar Kodaman January 11, 2015 Good luck Kristen!
So GREAT that you are doing this.
We are rooting for you and Team Tassos!
Mookie Aversa January 11, 2015 Go KRISTEN (and KIRSTIN!) What a fun event and for such a great person and cause. Love you!!
Erin and Alvin Larkins January 11, 2015 In honor of Tassos and his wonderful family!
Joe Grosso January 11, 2015 GO TEAM TASSOS!
Lisa McGonigal January 11, 2015 Run like the wind, Kristen!!!
Joseph Aversa January 11, 2015 We love Tassos so much!
juanita halepas January 11, 2015
Lauren Monahan January 11, 2015 So happy to support such a great cause!
Kimberly McIntosh January 10, 2015 What a great idea!! I think of you (your family) and Tassos often. I STILL refer to him as "SUPERMAN" from the first Christmas card picture you sent me! I am thrilled to hear he is still doing so well!!! A reminder that God is still performing miracles!!! I will donate $100 dollars for every year Tassos has DEFIED the odds for a total of $1300 dollars!! With love and prayers-Kim McIntosh
victoria catenacci January 10, 2015 Love you guys!

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