The Peter H. Berman Memorial Lectureship Fund

A personal campaign sponsored by Ashley Rees-Jones

Peter Kang August 19, 2017
Meyeon Lee August 14, 2017
Dr. Amy and Mr. David Waldman July 30, 2017 Dr. Peter Berman saw potential in me as a medical student and paved the way for my career in child neurology. He was a brilliant teacher, mentor, and friend, and I could not be more proud to support this symposium in his name.
Robert Clancy July 24, 2017 The debt that we all owe to Peter cannot be counted or measured. He gave us, by his own daily example, the greatest gift of all: Love for all children, each other and ourselves. Pax tecum, my dearest friend.
Dr Gihan Tennekoon July 24, 2017 For the symposium
Katie Taub July 24, 2017 I hear Dr. Berman's pearls of wisdom every time I read an EEG. I enjoyed sharing interesting cases on Thursdays with him before our clinics started. I so miss his great stories. What an amazing mentor, colleague and friend.
Anonymous July 23, 2017 Dr. Berman's ability to pass on his wisdom, continuing enthusiasm for neurological science, and uncanny clinical judgment were traits I always try to emulate. He was a unique and terrific teacher. A lectureship in his honor is so fitting.
Marissa Di Giovine July 22, 2017 In memory of Dr. Berman. I am honored to have been one of his students and will greatly miss such a wonderful mentor. Every time I put an EEG in a monopolar montage, I think of him!
Anonymous July 22, 2017 I hope this lectureship inspires generations of neurologists and clinicians like Peter inspired me. He was an amazing clinician and mentor who worked diligently to improve the lives of his patients, colleagues, and community. I've used skills Peter taught me on a daily basis.
Erin Schwartz July 22, 2017 This lectureship is a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary gentleman, and a passionate clinician and teacher. It was an honor to work with him.
Brenda Banwell July 22, 2017
Dennis Dlugos July 22, 2017 Peter was a remarkable clinician, teacher, mentor and friend. His clarity of thought and lifelong love of learning remain an inspiration for all who knew him. His spirit lives on at CHOP Neurology and among his many students all over the world.
Shavonne Massey June 6, 2017
Lauren Beslow May 25, 2017
Sudha Kessler May 16, 2017 In honor of our beloved teacher Peter Berman, whose voice I can still hear on 6 Wood "here, sit down...did I ever tell you about..."
Holly Idelson April 23, 2017 With love and in honor of Felix Arbitman. Holly idelson and Don Simon
Alexandra Nelson April 21, 2017
Jodi and John DeKraker April 19, 2017 We knew Peter from afar but did have the opportunity to appreciate his humor. We want to make this donation honoring the birth of Felix Elliot Arbitman, a much loved addition to the world of the Sachse-Arbitman family.
Carolyn Green April 2, 2017
Amy Brooks-Kayal March 29, 2017 Peter was a friend, mentor and devoted teacher. I can think of no more fitting memorial for him than a lectureship.

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