This May I will be taking the 31 day challenge for CHOP.  

The fundraising our team does will go directly to the Orthopedics Department at CHOP.   

Why We Participate
At age 2, Abby was diagnosed with Infantile Scoliosis.  Like with Adolescent Scoliosis, she has a severe curvature of her spine.  Unlike Adolescent Scoliosis, if untreated, Infantile Scoliosis can severely affect organs.  The treatment being proposed for Abby was to apply a Mehta cast on her for the first few years.  After casting, Abby would be moved into a brace until her body could handle rod surgery.  If her spine was not corrected by about age 5, her treatment would continue with surgeries.   With all the doctors we saw, the treatment plan was the same. 

When choosing where we would have Abigail treated, CHOP offered the potential to get her casted while not being sedated.   We have now been through four castings, and on the third one we attempted to cast Abby awake.  As with all that she has endured since her diagnosis, Abby did an amazing job and was able to be casted awake!  With her accepting being casted awake, we are able to continue casting until she is corrected or until her body is able to handle rods in her spine.  Because at CHOP they are casting children awake, Abby has about 2 more years of the possibility of correction!  

Our experience at CHOP so far has been remarkable.  Every person who engages with Abby treats her like family.  Abigail’s team makes us all feel at ease and we are all so happy with the progress Abby is making!  If it weren’t for the doctor’s at CHOP, who are willing to try innovative or not widely used treatments, we would be having an entirely different experience.  Please help us support the wonderful people and things being done at CHOP!

How You Can Help

Consider supporting us by making a tax-deductible donation as we take on our challenge to raise money for kids at CHOP. You can also join us along with thousands of others across the country and get active during May.


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