Aleena is a bright light, and a CHD warrior. She is kind, sweet, funny, smart, and a sassy firecracker.  She is brave, strong, filled with determination and courage.  We are raising money for the Cardiac Center at CHOP, because without them, Aleena would not be here lighting up every room she enters.

Aleena has received care from CHOP since the day she was born and transported there. She was diagnosed with severe Epstein’s Anomaly. She has also undergone many open heart surgeries and interventions in the Cath Lab over her 11 years.  The care she has received has been the best, and we know they did the best they could with her heart.  Her Doctor, Dr. Schachtner, took Aleena under her wing and has been our guide on this CHD journey. No words can convey the amount of gratitude we have to her and the CHOP team.  In May of 2020, Aleena’s heart was failing, and she was put on the heart transplant list.   On January 25th, 2021 we got the call from her Transplant team that they think they had the perfect heart for Aleena….. and they did. She is doing amazing and getting stronger every day.  The best part is that Aleena gets to grow up and live her life.

The Cardiac center helps so many children born with CHD.  They are always learning and doing ground breaking research.  They are also always improving the experience for families and for the children.  We are spinning to raise money to help make a difference for other children and their families. 

Help Support Big Breakthroughs for Little Hearts!

We are raising money to support innovative cardiac research for kids at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). With your help, we can better understand the causes of pediatric heart disease, develop new treatments, improve long-term outcomes and offer new hope to families who need it most.

Why We Ride:

  • Little hearts need us:  The world slowed down, but parents are still hearing the words “your child has congenital heart disease.” Yet 1 in every 120 babies born in the United States are diagnosed with congenital heart disease.
  • Together, we’ll create a breakthrough for every child: "I can’t think of anything more important than taking a child who has a fatal heart disease and getting them through to live to be a grandparent,” says Matthew Gillespie, MD, Interventional Cardiologist at CHOP. “We have in recent years made incredible, important breakthroughs that nobody else has had in some of the most important issues affecting our patients. We really need the support of philanthropy to make that possible.”

How Can You Help:

By donating and helping us support little hearts through groundbreaking and innovative research and care here at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“From the bottom of all the hearts we touch, from the bottom of all the hearts we work on, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.”
 — Stephanie Fuller, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon


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