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At 18 months old, Caley accompanied her newborn brother on his first visit to the pediatrician. The visit took an unexpected turn when the pediatrician noticed that Caley seemed unwell. A quick listen to her heart revealed a heart murmur, and she was sent to a local hospital where she immediately received a blood transfusion. After nearly two years of enduring various tests and treatments and experiencing seemingly unrelated symptoms – ankle swelling, anemia and transient GI symptoms, Caley still didn’t have an official diagnosis. A chance encounter with a relative – who is a gastroenterologist at CHOP — lead Caley’s family to CHOP’s Very Early Onset IBD Program. The team navigated many challenges at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to run a battery of tests on Caley to diagnose her VEO-IBD diagnosis and begin treatment. Now 5, Caley is a sassy and persistent kindergartener who is eager to learn new things, loves swimming and recently earned her brown belt in karate. The family travels from Queens, NY, for appointments and is thankful to the VEO-IBD team for Caley’s health – she’s now in remission – and for always making appointments as seamless and efficient as possible.

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  • IBD is growing at a rapid speed: Inflammatory bowel disease is the fastest-growing autoimmune disorder in children younger than 5.
  • Too many kids are suffering: Each year, the Center for Pediatric IBD at CHOP treats more than 1,800 young patients who suffer from abdominal pain, intestinal inflammation and other symptoms of this often-debilitating disease.
  • Breakthroughs need funding: The past few years have produced an explosion of knowledge about the genetics of IBD and expanded treatment options. Today, expert gastroenterologists, geneticists and researchers work together to evaluate each child’s DNA and microbiome with the goal of developing truly personalized medicine. Walk for Hope funds these discoveries – taking us one step closer to a cure.

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