Ride for Breakthroughs for Little Hearts!

We are raising money to support cardiac research for kids at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). With your help, we can develop new treatments, improve long-term outcomes and offer new hope for kids like Cora and their families.

Why We Ride:

This year, for the first time, CHOP is partnering with our family so that all funds raised by Cora’s Team will go directly to a new research directive called the Topolewski Pediatric Heart Valve Center. The Center is dedicated to researching and developing new ways to diagnose and treat valve disorders like Cora’s. When Cora was born, she was diagnosed with a VSD (hole in her heart wall), an aortic arch that was too narrow, and an aortic valve that was too small and unicuspid rather than tricuspid.  She received life-saving open heart surgery from the wonderful surgeons at CHOP to correct her VSD and aortic arch when she was four days old. Correcting her aortic valve, while critical, is going to be much more challenging. CHOP’s newly organized Valve Center is working to devise new diagnostic and treatment options that will hopefully directly benefit Cora and other children like her. 

How Can You Help:

By donating and helping us support the groundbreaking research and care at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Philly-Spin-In not only inspires the Cardiac Center team to continue our pursuit of clinical excellence, but the funding the event generates also allows us to push new boundaries of research and patient care initiatives that help define the future of pediatric heart care.” – Dr. Jonathan Chen

“From the bottom of all the hearts we touch, from the bottom of all the hearts we work on, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.”  — Stephanie Fuller, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (and the wonderful doctor who performed Cora's surgery when Cora was four days old)


Team Members