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2017 Parkway Run & Walk


A cancer diagnosis comes with dozens of questions but only one definite answer: that you will never have all the answers. As a family, this answer is frustrating and heartbreaking, but all the same motivating to try and eliminate this uncertainty and doubt.

Om's unpredictable rollercoaster journey since his initial diagnosis brought along multiple biopsies, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, side effects, and even a return of his tumor. The experience has been life shattering for the entire family, filled with a feeling of helplessness yet hope at the same time.  It is our responsibility to help other families going through the same tough experiences and prevent any child in the future from enduring the same pain and difficulties.

We never could have imagined that a happy, healthy boy like Om would have to fight this battle. After all, there was no history of cancer in either side of his family tree. It is easy to think that you will never face an obstacle such as cancer because we tend to take our good fortune and good health for granted, but cancer can strike anyone at any time because science has not yet found a way to prevent it. This is why awareness, involvement, and contributions to the battle against cancer are so important; we need to do whatever we can to eliminate this menace.

Throughout Om's journey, we have known that the internationally recognized Cancer Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is fully dedicated to helping us find all of the answers we need to make cancer treatment as safe and comfortable as possible. Om considers the staff at CHOP family, and so do we. The 2017 Parkway Run and Walk is an opportunity to help raise even more funding for CHOP than in years past and make even more progress in the battle against cancer. Any donation is a step towards more certainty, more reassurance, more efficient treatment options and eventually, eradicating cancer altogether.

We are excited to tell you that Om is serving as one of this year's Parkway Run and Walk Ambassadors. The following link will take you to the story that Children's Hospital of Philadelphia wrote on Om! 

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