August 2011:

Toby is a happy boy who always  give you a  smile. His smiles eminate like a bright glowing star that make you feel calm and peaceful inside out. Then all of that faded away when one day, he started to feel an excruciating pain in his legs.  His body started to have high fevers on and off.  The pain and fever kept him up almost every night.   We took him to see his  pediatrician and was advised to go to St. Christopher Hospital where he stayed  for almost  a week.   After several tests, they were unable to find the cause of his pain. His blood count was  abnormally high and they couldn't explain the reason for it.   Our frustration grew as we couldn't help our poor boy.  We decided to make an appointment at Children Hospital of Philadephia (CHOP)  in early October and after numerous tests , the results came back.   A doctor at CHOP informed us that Toby has lukemia, more specifically, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or commonly referred to as A.L.L.   A blood disorder/cancer.

Our world stopped spinning upon hearing that our 3 year old boy has cancer.  It was unbearable to hear what our son was about to endure -- the harsh chemo treatments process, the side effects of all the medicines he has to take, and how long the treatment process could last.  But worst of all, doctors informed us that there is a chance after treatment, he may not be cured!  All we could do was to pray and hope for the best for Toby.  

It has been a long journey and Toby is almost finished with his treatment.  Last december 2014, he finished his  3 1/2 year of treatment and in remission now.  Our families, friends , nurses and doctors at CHOP has helped and supported us tremendously through these difficult time.  We are so forever grateful for everyone who kept Toby in their thoughts and prayers.  Thank you so much for all the outpouring love and support.

We believe all children should not have to endure such painful treatment.  Thus, we are seeking your help  to donate to this good cause. We need to find a  cure to CANCER and help other children like Toby avoid enduring these long and painful chemo treatments. Together we can help doctors and scientists find a cure and put back the smiles on all the children!

Thank you so much!

Cherry Ann and Doug 


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