For Brielle, Brendan, Dylan, Sierra, Jaxon, Charley, Lexi, Lucas, Kieran, Thomas, Malachi...

These are names of a few of the brave little fighters within the Team CMMD family who are the reasons why we do this...BUT, we do this for ALL of the children who face this beast and for the families, doctors, and others who fight with them and for them.

Team CMMD first participated in the CHOP Parkway Walk/Run in 2012 when a small team of runners banded together to do what they could to raise funds and awareness.  Since then Team CMMD has grown by leaps and bounds to become a potent force in the fight against cancer.  But the fight continues and we MUST continue to do more.

So please read on, watch the video, donate if you can but better yet, JOIN US.

We’re raising money to help fight childhood cancer and fund lifesaving research and innovative care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Join us to help CHOP make a difference today!  

Why this is so important to our team:

Patients Need Us
Parents shouldn’t have to hear the words “your child has cancer.” However,  1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they’re 20 years old.

Breakthroughs Are Upon Us 
CHOP’s Center for Childhood Cancer Research is one of the most distinguished research programs in the nation.Every day, CHOP’s Cancer Center team is redefining what a cancer diagnosis means for a child. The center offers the most advanced therapies available anywhere in the world, including cutting-edge clinical trials that reprogram the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

You Can Help Make an Immediate Impact Today

100% of every donation will help CHOP make important breakthroughs in understanding the causes of childhood cancer – and developing treatments that improve cure rates.

Thank you for your support!

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