Just about 5 years ago, our Liam was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer (very rare but highly treatable). This was the scariest day of my life. Despite the news and the pain Liam was in, he still put on a show and a big smile. I'll admit, through these times I was unable to always put on a smile for Liam and hide my fears and emotions from him. I still remember the day he was at sedation going back for a procedure and I literally broke down in front of him. Even with all the strength I could muster, to hide my fears for him, to show strength, I was unable. Instead of him sharing my fear, he simply leaned over and handed me a tissue. At 18 months old, he knew the pain I was in and was there to comfort me, even putting aside his own.

I took so many pictures of him those few months, and one thing was the same in nearly all of them. He was always smiling.

Fortunately the treatment and surgeries were successful and 4 months after his diagnosis he was deemed cancer free. Jumping ahead, Liam continues to remain strong as he recently had his semi-annual checkup and blood work. I am happy to report, he remains cancer free! He is 6 years old now and stronger than ever. Fortunately, he still wheres that smile and continues to reach out and touch the hearts of everyone he meets.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers as this was the hardest thing my family ever endured. As crazy as it sounds, I would not trade a second of it for I know this event strengthened my family and made us who we are today. I hope that no one has to endure such a thing, but if you do, we are always here for your support!

4 1/2 years cancer free! I still cannot believe it has been so long. We love you Liam!!

We hope that you join us once again as we take to the Parkway!  This is our 6th year! Liam will be there vying for donuts, as always, and bring a smile to everyone he meets:)

~John (Liam's Dad)



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