Hello friends and family,

We are super excited to invite you to join us for our 4th year participating in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Parkway Run!  We have a lot to celebrate at this year's event! In May of 2017, John got his last chemo treatment! On June 20th, John had his port removed, a procedure he was actually excited about having! The surgery didn't go without complications, but the doctors at CHOP once again worked their magic and his port was successfully removed. 

He fought this difficult battle for over three years, and now we are blessed to say, John is in remission and CANCER FREE!

He beat ALL !!!  (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) 

This has been a long and painful journey, one that no child should have to endure!  Yet,  John's spirits remained high, and even on the bad days, he found the courage and strength to keep fighting.  

Along the way, all of your prayers, support, encouragement, messages, and donations have made such an enormous impact on John's fight!  He is a survivor! We are eternally grateful  for all of your support and for CHOP!!!!  There are not enough words to describe how amazing the team of doctors and nurses have been to John and our family.  

 We’re raising money to help fight childhood cancer and fund lifesaving research and innovative care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Join us to help CHOP make a difference today!  

Thank you for your support!


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