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2017 Parkway Run & Walk


We’re raising money to help fight childhood cancer and fund lifesaving research and innovative care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Join us to help CHOP make a difference today!  

Why this is so important to our team:

Patients Need Us
Parents shouldn’t have to hear the words “your child has cancer.” However,  1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they’re 20 years old.

Breakthroughs Are Upon Us 
CHOP’s Center for Childhood Cancer Research is one of the most distinguished research programs in the nation.Every day, CHOP’s Cancer Center team is redefining what a cancer diagnosis means for a child. The center offers the most advanced therapies available anywhere in the world, including cutting-edge clinical trials that reprogram the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

You Can Help Make an Immediate Impact Today
100% of every donation will help CHOP make important breakthroughs in understanding the causes of childhood cancer – and developing treatments that improve cure rates.


As many of you know, our daughter Isabelle was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor a little over a year ago, last June.  Her odds of survival were very low, but “high enough to treat and try”.  The tumor was the size of a baseball.  Miraculously, a year later, as we stand here in front of you, she is cancer free, with no trace of that original tumor and there has been no sign of regrowth in her last two MRIs.

You’ve seen the commercials and pictures of extremely sick children, and you might have an idea of some of the agonizing side effects they go through, you may have heard success stories , and not so successful stories, but what you probably never hear is about how good the hospitals are to these kids and their families during the toughest time in their lives.  We couldn’t be more grateful to CHOP for the unbeatable care and amazing support we were given since Day 1.

  • From the friendliest helicopter crew you could imagine who flew us there the night of June 13th,

  • to the nurse that greeted and calmed a distraught and sobbing me as I sat in a huge lonely hospital room in the ICU with Isabelle alone in the wee hours of the morning (Jim had to drive – there wasn’t enough room in the helicopter for both of us),

  • to the doctors who respected our opinions and listened to EVERY SINGLE WORD that came out of our mouths regarding Isabelle’s care and condition (they would have morning rounds outside each patient’s door and ask if we wanted to join.. after recapping vitals and anything of note that happened since they convened the morning before, they’d turn to us and say ‘Mom, Dad… do you have anything you want to add?Anything you’re concerned about?”),

  • to the extensive training they gave US so that we knew what the nurses were doing at all times,

  • to the care they took to explain every little aspect of her treatment, so that we were always aware of what the plan of attack was,

  • to the cleanliness and high standards they withheld at all times so as not to further compromise the immune systems of these fragile patients in anyway,

  • to the availability of nap rooms, where exhausted parents could just “ turn off” for a little bit, maybe while their kid was in surgery or an MRI… believe me, I was a regular.

  • to the Ronald McDonald room, which supplies families (some of which are there for months at a time) with snacks, hot cooked dinners from local restaurants, bagged lunches donated by local delis, toys, books, blankets , crocheted hats for chemo kids donated by individuals or charities… it’s a nice place to visit on the oncology floor when you’ve been stuck inside your little hospital room all day… you might find something for your child, you might find some yummy food or you might just run into another parent and have a nice conversation.

  • to the music program, who would come in and let Isabelle play with instruments and sing to her (this always moved us so much because no matter how sick she was, she was always so engaged, rocking back and forth, clapping… it was awesome to see when you don’t see too much happiness too often)

  • to even the cleaning crew who felt like friends by the end of our stays

  • To our awesome and supportive social worker who was always there with us when we got the best and the worst of news, who helped us find an apartment in town so we didn’t have to drive back and forth from Central Jersey, and who we still see everytime we visit CHOP

  • To even now… this week we had an appointment with an appointed family psychologist who will be following us through Isabelle’s entire childhood to make sure that she and we are adjusting to life well, given her hearing impairment as a result of treatment.

    The care just doesn’t end and we have never felt alone in this.  Ever.

    They are an amazing facility and we are proof that they do amazing things. 

    Please think about a donation today or about joining our team for CHOP’s annual 5K in Philly.  This year Isabelle will actually be with us for the run/walk!  :)  We’d love to have you join us!  

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