Meet Katie. On September 23, 2016, the inspiration for Katie’s Krusaders was born when she was diagnosed with McCune-Albright Syndrome (or MAS), a chronic illness caused by a non-inherited genetic mutation, which affects her bones and hormone levels. Her daily routine incudes a dose of a breast cancer drug for postmenopausal women, which is used to mask the symptoms that she is too young to manage. That should not have been, nor should it continue to be her only option. MAS is what is known in the medical world as an “orphan disease”, meaning there is no known treatment or cure.

For the month of May our team is participating in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia’s Daisy Day 31-Day Challenge!  We have pledged to walk , job, or run for 31 days to support cutting-edge research and care at CHOP so we can help make today’s ideas tomorrow’s realities, whether that is helping Katie today or another family facing this life-long diagnosis in the future.

How You Can Help - Consider supporting us by making a tax-deductible donation as we take on the 31-Day Challenge to raise money for research and care through the Department of Endocrinology at CHOP. The time for breakthroughs is NOW. We are getting SO very close to a viable treatment for MAS, please support my team so we can make that medical miracle a reality. This year we set our goal at $2,500 for the Department of Endocrinology.  

We have been blessed with an incredible medical team at CHOP, and the prayers and support of family and friends. Katie is happy and thriving, yet she knows that she has “booboos” inside her body, and that her bones are very fragile.  She’s a fighter who doesn’t let anything get in her way!

Our very first fundraiser at the Isaac’s in Lititz was a great success, raising $398.50! 

Thank you for helping to fund medical breakthroughs for kids like Katie! Together we can make amazing things happen!

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