Hi Friends, Family & People wanting to make a change,

For the month of May I am participating in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia’s Daisy Day 31-Day Challenge! I have pledged to walk and run (but mostly walk!) 100 miles for 31 days to support cutting-edge research and care for sickle cell disease.

Living with sickle cell is hard to explain. Not knowing if your body will allow you to participate in daily activities due to an excruciating pain crisis is one of the many battles survivors like myself have to endure. For the last few years I've watched so many of my friends living with this disease fearlessly conquer this devastating and debilitating illness. Unfortunately, I've also watched some of those same friends lose their battles due to the various health complications sickle cell creates an opportunity for.

Every week I have the privilege of working with amazing children fighting this disease throughout different hospitals in the Philadelphia area. Their resilience is truly something to behold. They remind me that even in some of our darkest times our light has the ability to shine the brightest. For this I am forever grateful.

This month, my amazing team and I invite you to help break the sickle cycle! The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is on the cusp of life-changing discoveries. With new developments of medications and a cure on the horizon, the possibility of getting rid of this awful disease once and for all can be a reality with your help.

Today, I'm asking you to donate toward my $4,000 goal for this very personal cause that affects so many.

Thank you so much for considering supporting us as we take on the 100 mile 31-Day Challenge to raise money for sickle cell research and literally run towards a cure.

With all my gratitude,


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