THANK YOU to all who have and will be supporting Team Evan.  We hit our first Team goal of $15,000,second Team goal of $17,500 and now approaching our third  Team goal of $22,500.  There is still time to donate!

Evan completed the first grade in an inclusive education environment.  He loves school, although frustrated by some of the work, and his team supports him to reach his significant milestones.  We are proud of his ability and willingness (most of the time) to engage in his school work and activities with his schoolmates.  He is a well-known and liked kid at school and within the community and motivates others in so many ways.  

So much of Evan's life has been spent preparing for each milestone, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Trisomy 21 Center has been by our side along the journey, supporting, encouraging, and celebrating.

CHOP has been our home base. They've helped us identify and address health concerns like apnea and reflux. They've connected us with other families touched by Down syndrome, and they've guided us in our approach to therapies to help Evan achieve his fullest potential.

The most important thing we experience with CHOP is that they celebrate Evan's successes like they're their successes too. Each time we interact with the CHOP Trisomy 21 Center, they are excited to learn about Evan's newest achievements, and they're excited about all he's learned.

Each year, Team Evan fundraises for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Trisomy 21 Center because we're grateful for the high quality care and for the caring individuals at the Center. They're leaders in the Down syndrome world, and the funds we raise will help them continue to lead, to execute research, and to continue to provide (and perhaps expand) care for the many families in the area touched by Down syndrome.

We've set an aggressive fundraising goal for Team Evan this year. We are hoping to raise $15,000 for the Trisomy 21 Center. It's one small way we can give back to the center that has given us so much. Thanks to the love and support of many, we hope to meet and exceed this initial goal.  There is still time to donate and support the Down syndrome community.

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