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2018 Parkway Run & Walk

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Dear Friends & Family,

Please accept our apologies for such short notice, but Giana’s medical condition has been variable and highly questionable, so we’re reaching out to you now on Giana’s behalf, in hopes that you’ll be able to participate in some way by joining us in supporting The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) 2018 Parkway Run & Walk on September 30, 2018. As you may already know, Giana has been a pediatric oncology patient since her first brain tumor surgery over 19 years ago, when she turned 4 years old. Shortly thereafter, Giana was diagnosed with a rare form of Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2), and since then she has endured countless surgeries, radiation and chemotherapies, but at this time there are no effective treatments that have been developed specific to NF2 and her types of tumors, which have continued to grow in her brain, spine and throughout her entire Central Nervous System (CNS). All of the money Giana raises for the Parkway Run & Walk will be designated specifically to benefit NF research, and the “Fight For Giana’s Cure” to “Beat NF2”.

The last 3 years have been increasingly more difficult, and immensely painful for Giana with the past year in particular presenting numerous challenges, as well as seemingly endless complications, which have caused her to have serious deficits, continuing loss of function and diminished quality of life. Consequently, a little more than a year ago her chemotherapy treatments had to be discontinued indefinitely, and during the last year she has had 6 additional surgeries, and has struggled with repeated infections, resulting in her development of an acute kidney injury, which is attributable to a double kidney infection, and responsible for Giana going into the third stage of kidney failure. As a result, there are tests and procedures that can’t be done, and Giana is no longer able to receive any treatments to stop the growth of her tumors.

Despite all of her struggles, Giana’s continuing determination, resiliency and deep abiding faith has carried her throughout this grueling and lonely journey of hers, and has enabled her to return to the Parkway Run & Walk for the first time in 3 years, and for that we are all deeply grateful. Also, of great importance to us, and special significance to Giana is the involvement of this year’s presenting sponsor, Thrivent Mutual Funds, who are part of Thrivent Financial, the company that Tim works for as a Regional Vice President.  

So, it is our greatest hope that you will join Team Thrivent “Giana’s Fightin’ Phils” whether by participating in the 5K run or the 2K Family Fun Walk, attending as an invited guest or a Thrivent Financial representative, member or volunteer, and most importantly by fund-raising and making donations directly to our team page: 


How You Can Help:

  1. Make a Donation:  100% of every donation to the Parkway Run & Walk will help CHOP make important breakthroughs in understanding the causes of childhood cancer, developing new treatments that will improve outcomes for children, and one day may lead to a cure for childhood cancer.

  2. Register & Join Us:  Registration for ALL participants including runners and walkers, adults and kids, must be completed by 12:00 NOON Sunday, September 23rd or Same-Day Registration on Sunday, September 30th at 7:00 a.m. - To register online click on "Join our Team" button above.

Please share this information with as many people as you can, so that we can make a tremendous impact on childhood cancer now, helping to ensure that one day there will be a cure for all pediatric cancers! As always, we greatly appreciate your support, and thank you for all that you do for Giana….

With Love & Gratitude,
Giana, Eric, Paula & Tim

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