I am raising money and walking to help create hope. Join me on the journey toward a cure for IBD!

Why I Walk:

This year, I have been selected to be a Patient-Ambassador for the Walk for Hope. I am honored to tell my story and to provide hope to other patients with IBD.   

In September 2016, I was diagnosed with IBD. It was not an easy road.  I have had to take a lot of medicine, I have been hospitalized twice, and I still get infusions of my medicine every 5 weeks.  But, I have been very lucky to live close to CHOP, where my amazing doctor and nurses have helped me to be nearly symptom free!    

Not every kid is as lucky as I am to be doing so well, and so I am doing my part to help kids like me.   

Please consider joining my team and walking with us, or donating to our fundraising efforts! 

Thank you! 


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