Team CMMD is again fielding a team of runners and walkers to support cancer research at CHOP.

So many things run through my mind when I sit down and think about my own personal history with the race, the Team CMMD history and, most importantly, the amazing work that the folks at CHOP do.  I will keep this brief because it's not about what I say, but about what I do and what WE the end, it's about raising money and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Personally, I started running in 2009 through work and thought it was just a good thing to do.  But then I was touched when cancer took Brendan, the son of some good friends, in 2011.  Through Team CMMD, I met Brielle and we supported her in her fight, although she gained her angel wings in 2016.  I've been with Team CMMD since the beginning and I've seen far too many children affected and taken.  As I watched Brendan's father speak to the Brendan's Believers team in 2010, I vowed to do this race until I can physically no longer do it, and so it is again this year.

As for Team CMMD, the first 'unofficial' Team CMMD event was, in fact, the 2012 CHOP Parkway Run/Walk.  I had approached Christine, who is my personal physician, about a donation and, of course, she not only donated but started the team!  I think we raised something like $10k that first year, in our hideous orange shirts :)  (For more information on Team CMMD, visit

Since then, I've been fielding a team of runners and walkers and it's always a very humbling experience.  I have three children of my own - all young, healthy adults now - so when I see parents going through the cancer fight with their children, I give thanks that my children are healthy and then rededicate my efforts to support others who are not so fortunate.  It's the least I can do.

So that's it from me...please read the below text from the CHOP team, watch the video, and come join us!  You will be glad you did. - Paul, 15-Jul-2018

Patients Need Us 
Parents shouldn’t have to hear the words “your child has cancer.” However,  1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 20 years old.

Breakthroughs Are Upon Us
Every day, CHOP’s Cancer Center team is redefining what a cancer diagnosis means for a child. The center offers the most advanced therapies available anywhere in the world, including cutting-edge clinical trials that reprogram the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. CHOP’s Center for Childhood Cancer Research is one of the most distinguished research programs in the nation.

How You Can Help

Make an Immediate Impact Today.
100 percent of every donation to the Parkway Run & Walk will help CHOP make important breakthroughs in understanding the causes of childhood cancer, developing new treatments that will improve outcomes for children, and one day may lead to a cure for childhood cancer.

Thank you for your support!

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