Support Team Arthur!

Dear Friends,

Arthur has been chosen to the be one of the Ambassadors / Poster Children for the inaugural New York "Spin In", an indoor cycling fundraiser benefiting the Fetal Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) where he was born.

I'm sure you already know what a difference CHOP has made for our family.

We can't explain how scary it is to find out something is critically wrong with your unborn baby.  

When we got to CHOP, they made us feel like we were in safe hands.  Not only did they know what was going on with Arthur, they had seen it before and they knew what to do.  They were steady in the face of a lot of uncertainty.  It may not sound like everything, but when you are scared and don't have a lot to go on, it really matters. 

You may know that Arthur had some serious complications from his condition that required a second surgery.  That surgery was something that could not be done at any other hospital in the world. One that was never done on a child as young as Arthur.  

The doctors who pioneered it are part of a program called the Frontier Program at CHOP due to the astonishing breakthroughs they have achieved in the field of lymphatics.  

There's a great article about this program here.  

Breakthroughs like this are what we are raising money for.  One of them saved Arthur's life.

And that's just one program.

The doctors at CHOP routinely operate on babies in the womb to correct spina bifida and then put them back to grow for as long as they can before their "second birth."  

Dr. Flake, one of Arthur's surgeons, has been in the news for his research on developing an "artificial womb" for babies born so early they might not survive-- to get them through those critical weeks and ensure they overcome what would have otherwise been a tragic outcome.  

This work may seem far-fetched but it hit home for us.  If we lived in a different time, or even in a different place, our result could have been different and we are acutely aware of that.  




That's what we are riding for.  

So every kids gets the childhood they deserve.

We know so many of you generously donated 5 years ago (can you believe its been 5 years!) - and we so appreciate your ongoing support.  

Arthur is super excited to do his photo shoot and "raise money to help kids" though this indoor cycling fundraiser. 

Please help him again by supporting our team.

Lots of love,

Annemarie and Ben