Om's Avengers

2017 Parkway Run & Walk

$25.00 • September 29, 2017
Roshana Baral
$25.00 • September 26, 2017
God Bless You Dear OM
$100.00 • September 25, 2017
$100.00 • September 25, 2017
Deepesh Chugh
$100.00 • September 24, 2017
Hashim Shaik
$50.00 • September 24, 2017
$25.00 • September 24, 2017
Atul uncle and Priti aunty
$100.00 • September 23, 2017
Dear Om,

We are excited to join Om's Avengers and CHOP in the great work that they are doing to support children for a speedy recovery.we know you’re stronger than your sickness. You can fight it. I’m wishing for your fast recovery. Get well soon.

Atul, Priti, Needhy and Tejas
Pallavi Kantharia
$100.00 • September 23, 2017
Dear Om,

We are so very proud of you and wish you all the best!

Mike Uncle & Pallavi Auntie
Kavita, Akash and Sahil
$100.00 • September 23, 2017
Way to go Om!! We're so proud of you beta!
$50.00 • September 23, 2017
To Om, the bravest boy we know, good luck tomorrow! You are such a great choice as an ambassador for this very important event. Other children should know your story and look up to you for the courageous way you have endured such a tough battle. Though we don't get to see you anymore, know that we are thinking of you and as always, routing for you.
We have always been proud to know you,
Ruth and Ken Huth
$50.00 • September 22, 2017
You're a Superhero Om. May you make many more strides in your courageous endeavor. Warmest wishes
Ketan and Kalpana Shah
$100.00 • September 22, 2017
$500.00 • September 21, 2017
Om, you are an inspiration to those you don't even know. We are in awe of your spirit and courage. Go get 'em!
Rakesh & Shilpa
September 21, 2017
Dear Om,

We wish you lots of good wishes on your walkathon. You're an amazing person and a great fighter. Keep faith and you'll be running in a marathon soon. Lots of luv,

Rakesh Uncle - Shilpa Aunty, Sonali, Rohan
Rele Family
$100.00 • September 21, 2017
Dear Om and family, You all are in our prayers always! You inspire us with your courage and positivity. God Bless always!!
Rahul Kumar
$25.00 • September 21, 2017
From those of us at Community News, we wish Om a quick and speedy recovery.
Kamlesh PATEL
$100.00 • September 20, 2017
You are really Brave to fight this battle, my support and prayers for to you and your family, and god gives you more strength to all of you. Lets all pray to god that our science brings this medicine soon. Jai Shree Krishna!!!
$1,000.00 • September 20, 2017
You are always in our prayer. Hope for speedy recovery. JSK
$100.00 • September 20, 2017
Kunjal Shah
$100.00 • September 19, 2017
We are so proud of you. You are an inspiration to all of us. Please keep up your great spirit and here's to you and your family. We pray for you everyday and get inspired from you. You 'ROCK'.
Love and blessings! Samir & Kunjal
Bharat Parikh
$250.00 • September 19, 2017
Prakash Patel
$200.00 • September 18, 2017

You are stronger than you know...braver than you think...and more loved than you can imagine.

Prakash Dada and Sarayu Baa
The Fernandez Family
$100.00 • September 18, 2017
Simi says "Stay strong and brave, Om. You got this!"
We are thinking of you and sending all our positive vibes to you and your family as you fight this fight!
Neha, Jeff & Simran Fernandez
Geetanjali Johri
$100.00 • September 17, 2017

We're so proud of you, you are the bravest!! Our Best Wishes are always with you.

Geetanjali and Prabal
Matthew and Joseph Mangano
$50.00 • September 17, 2017
Om, you're always in our thoughts and prays. ???? You're definitely a strong boy and you will beat this once again. Chop saved our cousin Ryan so we know you're in the BEST care. We're looking forward to seeing you in school. Maybe we can go trick or treating this year again. We did have lots of fun! Love, Matthew and Joseph Mangano
Michele Hansen, Matthew & Joseph Mangano's Aunt
$25.00 • September 17, 2017
God bless you Om. Stay strong, you're positive attitude can take you a long way! You got this buddy! CHOP is amazing. They perform miracles. You're always in our thoughts and prayers. With Love, Matthew and Joseph Mangano's Aunt Michele
The Fernandes Family
$50.00 • September 17, 2017
Cancer doesn't stand a chance with you leading the fight... looking forward to its final defeat! Sending you all of our strength and love!
$50.00 • September 15, 2017
Sikha Sarkar
$25.00 • September 14, 2017

You are truly an amazing kid, full of leadership and love. We are with you every step of the way!

Sikha Sarkar

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