Emily Somogyi
$25.00 • September 20, 2017
Sheila Bruce
September 19, 2017
I am a friend of your aunt Tania and I'm so excited to join your team.
Cecelia Simms
$50.00 • September 18, 2017
Good luck with the Parkway Run and Walk! Cecelia Simms( your neighbor)
Keena Cravison
$25.00 • September 18, 2017
Go Team Ayana!!!
The Blake Family
September 17, 2017
Go, Team Ayana!
Bud and Rita Gardiner
September 17, 2017
Have a great walk! George (Bud) and Margarita (Rita) Gardiner!
Beverly Toporowski
$100.00 • September 16, 2017
Go Ayana!!!


Nia, Sana, Dave and Beverly Toporowski
Juanita Bloom
$100.00 • September 9, 2017
Ayana and her wonderful family are role models and leaders in the "search for a cure". Joe and Juanita (Pat) Bloom
$20.00 • August 29, 2017
Linda Guy
$25.00 • August 26, 2017
Janet Kroll
$50.00 • August 20, 2017
Sending love and strength and congratulations on NED!
karen wilkins
$100.00 • August 16, 2017
sorry that I can't be there this year . I'm there in spirit and always routing for you Ayana! So proud of you

Karen Wilkins
Salem Baptist Church Family
$50.00 • August 4, 2017
Ayana, you are a bright light and inspiration to all. You are a remarkable young girl of courage and character. As part of your Salem family, I am proud of the example you set. God bless you.
Maxine Rojas-Saunders
July 13, 2017
All the best,
Maxine and Jeff Saunders

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." -- Albert Einstein

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